Global Technology Group, Ltd.

Welcome To Global Technology Group, Ltd.

Global Technology Group, Ltd. is a diversified, worldwide company specializing as manufacturers' representative, distributor, and exporter of equipment and replacement parts for the petrochemical, mining, chemical and other industries. Operating throughout the world from our headquarters in New York City and through our wholly owned overseas branches and affiliated offices, we offer continuous, expedited, and efficient service.

We take special pride in directly representing and acting as a distributor for several of the most prominent companies in the aforementioned industries. Global Technology Group is a powerful resource a service and trading center, which offers products drawn from more than 200 top of the line manufacturers.

Our success is based on providing critical attention to all details of the procurement process and quality control, thus avoiding unnecessary errors and delays. With over 40 years of experience, a highly trained, multilingual staff, and a continuing commitment to our customers and marketing, personnel and technological development, we are able to serve the best interests of our clients in a unique way.

To complement our operation, we maintain a 50,000 square foot warehouse close to New York City port facilities, which holds a stock of often needed critical replacement parts for various equipment. Global Technology Group, Ltd. also offers ancillary services such as packing, wooden crating, containerization, and transportation to port facilities worldwide.


Posted: 10/25/2017
POSITION: Logistician
40 hours per week
$82,000 per year
LOCATION: 206 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016
JOB DUTIES: Analyze, coordinate logistical functions for distribution, allocation, inventory, warehousing of products involving transactions with large Russian companies.
EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor degree in Internal Trade, Finance or Economics
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 18 months in job offered or 18 months as Inventory Auditor, Financial Analyst or Accounting Specialist